Spring has sprung and before we know it, it will be Summer! Who is excited for BBQ’s, picnics and sunbathing in your back garden? Weather permitted obviously.

To enjoy these aspects of Summer, you want to have the perfect lawn to relax on. Don’t have a grassy area? Don’t fear! Martin Phillips have a range of artificial grass to suit!

Want to know why you should fall in love with our artificial grass?

Find out more below:

  1. You will never have to cut grass again. So, this will probably be music to many people’s ears! Artificial grass is very low maintenance yet, it creates an authentic grass look and feel.
  2. It is an investment. Once you have paid for your artificial grass, there are no other big expenses that are required to maintain it. As we mentioned above you don’t need to cut the grass, so you don’t need a lawnmower, and you don’t need to water or feed it. With our artificial grass starting at £8.99m2, this is a valuable investment for your home.
  3. Say goodbye to sneezing from hay fever. Suffer badly from hay fever? Artificial grass is the perfect solution, as you can lie down on it and relax without the worry of your hay fever kicking off.
  4. It is child & pet friendly. Don’t want your kids and pets coming into the house covered in dirt and mud? You will have no worries about this with artificial grass. So, say goodbye to the constant cleaning of your house due to outdoor dirt, and enjoy more time to do other things that you enjoy.
  5. Lastly, it looks great. No matter what season it is, whether it be Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn, artificial grass will look great all year round. With no fading, worn out areas or patches, it is the perfect solution for your garden.

Check out our ranges of artificial grass to find the perfect fit for your garden.

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