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    Advice & Inspiration     Why Choose Vinyl Flooring?    

Vinyl is the latest trend on flooring. It has evolved and advanced so much during the last years and it is becoming a more popular choice among homeowners.

Do you want more reasons to choose vinyl flooring? Here are 6 reasons…

1. Versatile

Vinyl flooring is available in a wide range of designs, such as classic wood patterns, beautiful wood herringbones, quirky and victorian patterns. Having such a variety and a friendly price, it is no wonder that vinyl flooring will make it to your list.

One of our current best-selling vinyls is the Alaska 581 vinyl, with a subtle grey Herringbone wood effect.

2. Durability

All vinyl floorings come with multiple layers, such as wear layer, protective layer, print layer and cushion layer. Vinyl’s durability makes it a perfect choice for busy families with kids and pets and an even more ideal choice for kitchen and bathrooms.

An excellent choice for kitchen vinyl is our best-selling Aviero 599.

3. Easy to clean

Due to its surface and multiple layers, vinyl is super easy to clean. Water, oil or chemicals can’t penetrate its surface, giving you one more reason to choose vinyl for bathrooms and kitchens.

Our Suzy 565 is an easy to clean and eye-catching vinyl ideal for hallways.

4. Cost effective

As vinyl is getting more popular, more and more homeowners realise its benefits, among which is its price. Vinyl flooring at Martin Phillips starts from just £9.56m2 and you can find a wide range of patterns that mimic wood designs, tile or even marble designs. On top of that is its low fitting cost, no need for an underlay, keeping you within budget.

Our favourite marble effect vinyl is the Balmani 592.

5. Comfortable and quiet underfoot

Due to its cushion backing, vinyl is quiet underfoot and comfortable to walk on for long periods of time, such as cooking in the kitchen. Its wood designs also offer a warmth, similar to real wood, in rooms such as the living room.

6. Slip resistant

All vinyl floorings are slip resistant, making it ideal for installation in rooms where moisture is retained, such as kitchens and bathrooms. This also means that it can’t be damaged or decay due to its exposure to wet environments. At Martin Phillips we offer a huge range of vinyl floorings for all budgets and tastes.

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