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5 in 1 Provent Laminate Underlay
5 in 1 Provent Laminate Underlay

5 in 1 Provent Laminate Underlay

£2.99 m2
5 in 1 Provent Laminate Underlay
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covers 1.00m2

Product information

Provent is our best Laminate underlay offering 5 key benefits to your floor. The Provent is an approx. 3 mm thick foam panel made from closed-cell polyethylene, which is coated with a 0.02 mm thick polyethylene foil of high density for additional protection against water vapour. The material is particularly resistant to ageing.

ProVent’s ribbed underside creates a unique system of air channels. Humidity is extracted through these air channels, allowing the concrete subfloor to dry and keeping it dry.

The size of the air channels and the structure of foam are adjusted to ensure the flexibility and durability of material. A testing showed that ProVent didn’t change its original thickness even after 100 000 simulated footsteps while maintaining the ability to ventilate the underfloor area.

Manufacturing of ProVent requires the use of selected polyethylene resin brands of high quality. This way we ensure the small size of tiny air cells and the fine cell structure everywhere in the foam.

It is the first underlay to incorporate a micropumping system which ventilates underneath your flooring to eliminate residual moisture.

This unique system helps protect your floor by removing moisture and prevents the build up of mold by keeping your underlay and laminate dry. Designed for use with concrete and timber sub floors.

The main 5 Key Benefits of the Provent Underlay are:

  1. Ventilates the subfloor due to the protected Micropumping ventilation system
  2. Noise reduction of 22dB, when basic Foam Underlay offers 17-19dB
  3. The footfall sound level is reduced by 9dB
  4. The additional HDPE vapour barrier protects the laminate flooring from moisture
  5. Irregularities of the flooring up to 2 mm in height are compensated

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