Just as you wouldn’t buy a new car without new tyres, we always recommend that you invest in new underlay when purchasing a new carpet. All of our underlays are purchased from the best underlay manufacturers Duralay and Tredaire. 

Why buy new underlay: 

Underlay makes carpet FEEL better

  • Provides cushioning that makes carpet so comfortable.
  • Tredaire underlays are the most comfortable.
  • Our PU foam and sponge rubber underlays contain air pockets that give that extra springiness.

Underlay makes carpet LOOK better

  • Protects the carpet & keeps it looking new for its lifetime.
  • Carpet will look better because the underlay helps to prevent the pile from flattening

Underlay makes carpet LAST longer by up to 50%. 

  • Underlay acts like a “shock absorber” enabling the carpet to stand up to wear and tear
  • New underlay can extend the lifetime of your carpet by up to 30-50%

Reduces energy costs up to 15%

  • Underlay provides an extra barrier to help keep the heat in
  • Most underlays have tog ratings above 1; some have very high tog ratings of up to 3.13 like Tredaire Dreamwalk.
  • Some studies suggest that a new underlay can help reduce energy costs by up to 15%

Reduces noise

  • Acts as a barrier to sound.
  • A carpeted floor with an underlay is up to 250% quieter than one without
  • Specialist acoustic underlays for wood and laminate floors, such as Duralay Silentfloor Gold and Timbermate Excel, can reduce in-room noise by up to 30%.

Easier to clean

  • Protecting the carpet pile makes it easier to clean and more hygienic.
  • Acts as a barrier to embedded dirt so reducing the “grinding” action when carpet is vacuumed. 


  • Old carpets can lose their stretch and ridges can form, leading to potential trip hazards especially for older people or those with mobility aids.