Remember carpets do get dirty under normal wear and tear, so looking after your carpet and maximising its appearance is dependent on the level of care applied by the owner.

Please follow these simple steps to help maintain the appearance of your new carpet:

Vacuum Regularly - The best way to reduce soil accumulation and prolong the life of your carpet is to vacuum regularly, particular attention should be given to high traffic areas such as Hall, Stairs and Landings. For cut pile carpets we recommend an upright cleaner with an active beater bar to help loosen and lift soil from the pile. Loop pile carpets are best maintained using a suction cleaner.

Clean areas of the carpet that are in frequent use - entrances to rooms, doorways, high traffic areas, in front of chairs and sofas etc. will all build up dirt at a much faster rate than other areas of the carpet. Cleaning these areas will help increase the lifetime of the carpet and help maintain its appearance. 

Attend to all stains and spills immediately - it is far easier to clean up most stains and spills when attended to straight away. 

Professionally clean areas of frequent use - To help overcome natural soiling, periodic professional carpet cleaning is advised.